What’s going to happen to coins, stamps and passports now the Queen Elizabeth has died

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Elizabeth II has been featured on many of our ordinary objects for the past 70 years, but soon that will change.

After 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II passed away Friday at the age of 96. She has played a significant role in our customs and everyday lives for many years, and her image may be found on many of the items we use on a daily basis.

As a result of Prince Charles’ recent coronation as King of England, things may start to change significantly. What does the passing of the Queen entail for items like currency, postage, coins, passports, and even letterboxes? What is known is listed below.

What will happen to stamps?

Since 1967, the Queen’s side profile has appeared on every stamp that has been printed. The Royal Mail will instead start printing new stamps with King Charles III’s image instead of Elizabeth’s going forward. The use of Lizzy stamps on mails and packages will still be permitted, so don’t worry, stamp collectors.

You’ll need to wait a little longer if you’re curious in the new Charles stamp designs because they haven’t yet revealed any information about them. However, some Charles stamps that were issued in 2018 in honour of his 70th birthday can provide you some inspiration.

What will happen to postboxes?

Yes, postboxes will also start to change their appearance in addition to stamps. In the UK, more than 60% of postboxes bear Queen Elizabeth II’s EIIR logo (E for Elizabeth, R for Regina, meaning queen).

The King’s cypher will now be used on new postboxes, but to be completely honest, they won’t be rolling them out very frequently, so you might not notice. Postboxes in Scotland will continue to display the Scottish crown as now.

What will happen to coins and banknotes?

In the UK, there are 29 billion coins with the image of the Queen. There have been five different designs in total, with fresh ones being released in 2015, the year the Queen turned 88. Since 1960, she has additionally appeared on Bank of England notes (though not those issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The visage of King Charles III will eventually appear on new coins and banknotes, but the Royal Mint has not announced when this will happen. Don’t start tossing out the Queen’s coins and banknotes just yet; they will likely be in use for a very long time.

As the direction the monarch faces changes with each new monarch, one thing we do know about the new King Charles III coin is that he will be facing the left (the opposite direction from Queen Elizabeth II). At the Royal Mint in south Wales, the new designs will be created.

What will happen to passports?

Your passports will also start to appear differently. Passports are now issued in the name of Her Majesty, however the inner cover will now read “His Majesty.” But don’t worry; travel is still permitted with current passports.

What will happen to the national anthem?

You guessed it—the lyrics of the national anthem will change. Once Charles is formally crowned King, “God Save the Queen” will no longer exist. This will be done in a ceremonial ceremony, and from the balcony, there will be a public declaration that will include the words “God Save the King.”

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