cannabis expo is 45 minutes outside of New York City; bring your own marijuana.

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Next weekend, New Jersey will host the appropriately named 420 Expo.

After New Jersey voters approved marijuana legalisation, it was only a matter of time before the state would hold a sizable expo dedicated to all things cannabis.

The first-ever bring-your-own-cannabis consumer event in New Jersey is called 420 Expo, and it is being hosted by activist and comedian Tommy Chong. Next weekend, from September 16 through 18, the event will take place in the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, a 45-minute drive from midtown Manhattan.

Fair warning: you must be at least 21 to access the expo, and visitors are expected to bring their own products, as long as they are within the legal restrictions of the state. Without a doubt, there won’t be any vendors selling genuine THC goods, but there will be a designated smoking area on the property and food trucks outside for when the munchies strike.

Over the course of the weekend, there will be over 75 vendors set up shop and 25 panels. Medical marijuana, cannabis 101, and a course on “Combatting the Social, Racial & Economic Injustices of Cannabis” are some of the subjects covered.

“Even though marijuana use among Americans has surpassed tobacco use, there are still many misconceptions and misunderstandings to dispel before legalisation becomes the norm,” said J. Handy, a co-founder of the event, in a formal statement. “Cannabis will be the highlight at 420 Expo.”

Although marijuana will undoubtedly be the main emphasis of the massive event, there will also be non-cannabis-related activities to indulge in throughout the course of the weekend, such as axe throwing and glass blowing (basically, stuff you should be careful doing while high).

You best purchase tickets for the 420 Expo as soon as you can right here because the organizers anticipate more than 15,000 attendees.

It remains to be seen if the expo will eventually take place in New York as well, considering that marijuana is now legal in the state.

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