The 3 Best Parks in Delhi

The best parks in Delhi offer a break from the bustle of the city and feature remnants and monuments from the Middle Ages.

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1. Lodi Garden

As you enter the park, cross a carved bridge from the Mughal era, observe geese scurrying around the lake, and then start exploring the monuments from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries strewn across the lawns. Lodi Garden is a long-time favourite for picnics with a side of history and is located in a posh neighbourhood in central Delhi. The intricately carved interiors and domes with colourful tile-inlay of the tombs from the Lodi era are a favourite among architecture enthusiasts. Yoga classes on the greens and running on the tracks are very common in the mornings, which are also very popular with fitness enthusiasts.

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2. Deer Park

The peaceful Deer Park is located below the old Hauz Khas Fort and was constructed around the historic Hauz Khas water reservoir. Views of the sunset and the ruins are best enjoyed during a stroll around the lake in the evening. In the park, which gets its name from the deer enclosure on the property, it’s not unusual to see ducks, peacocks, and monkeys. The area of greenery in Deer Park is a pleasant surprise in the midst of the bustling business district of Hauz Khas Village, which shares a border with it.

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3. Garden of Five Senses

The vast park in Saket combines art and nature with pink sandstone elephants, stainless steel birds, and bronze sculptures. The elaborately landscaped area is filled with modern artwork, live music events, tactile areas, and pleasant exotic flowers that engage all five senses. Take a stroll along winding paths that pass through bamboo groves, water lily ponds, and herb and cactus gardens.

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