Top 7 destinations in Europe to drink beer

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One of life’s greatest pleasures was yanked out from under us for a good portion of the last couple of years. We’re talking about meeting buddies at the bar after work to drink tall pints of beer. It’s a way of life, not simply a hobby.

The best European beer destinations

1. Ghent, Belgium

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The third-largest city in Belgium may have a laid-back atmosphere because beer runs through its blood. Ghent’s history explains why the local brews are entirely hop-free: French residents of the city produced beer using foraged herbs and spices instead of the hoppy Dutch method.

2. Bern, Switzerland

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Even though it is a small city, the political hub of Switzerland boasts a robust beer culture that can ease even the most trying workweeks. Nearly 200 breweries and microbreweries can be found in Bern, many of them within walking distance (particularly in and around the trendy Breiten rain neighborhood), and some of them may even be found in basements, garages, and laundry rooms.

3. Peloponnese, Greece

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Although Greek wine and ouzo may be the country’s best-known exports, several of its islands also have vibrant beer cultures, with Peloponnese having one of the greatest. The best way to learn about Greek microbreweries is to take a self-guided tour up the coast from Patras, stopping in ancient Olympia, Mani, and Messinia along the way.

4. Wrocław, Poland

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Poland’s beer culture is famed throughout Europe, and Wrocaw, a young, less well-known city, is the nation’s best beer destination (except, just maybe, Warsaw). In Wroclaw, the number of microbreweries has steadily increased over the past ten years, with the majority locating there for convenience’s sake. Start with three of the greatest in the market square: Browar Zóty Pies, Bierhalle, and Spi Brewery.

5. Bucharest, Romania

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The craft beer sector in Bucharest has grown over the past few years, thanks in large part to the popularity among locals of emerging brands like Ground Zero and Beres troika. Visitor or not, you can still take in the scene like a local by staying in the old town district, where the city’s main street is lined with a number of good breweries.

6. Trondheim, Norway

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Every year in July, the Trondheim Brewery Festival makes sure that the city is still the top culinary and beer destination in Norway. Dark, sour, and crispy ales created with the local yeast kveik are available in Trondheim’s microbreweries.

7. Strasbourg, France

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The wine-producing area of Alsace is a dream visit for oenophiles because of its German and French influences, but it also has a thriving craft beer industry. The best breweries may be found all across Alsace, from Colmar to Kaysers Berg, but if you have to pick just one location for a pub crawl, Strasbourg is where you’ll find the most of them.

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