Grab Best Drinks on a Budget In Delhi NCR

Three activities are particularly popular among Delhi residents: eating chole Bhatture, praising Delhi, and excessive bar-hopping. And now that the summer heat is (somewhat) abating, we’re all going outside to get that eagerly anticipated drink with our best friend or crew. Raise your cocktail glasses that won’t burn a hole in your wallet if you have similar plans for this weekend.

Here is a list of Delhi’s affordable bars that are unrestricted by ridiculous prices and dress codes. Drink plenty of whisky, G&Ts and cosmos for less than INR 1,000!

1 Oak Cafe And Bar

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Even though the name is a parody of one of New York City’s most well-known clubs, we were thrilled to discover this accessible hidden gem. The two-story 1 Oak, which is located beneath a flyover and recently merged its menus with those of the Italian restaurant Favours next door, is spread across two floors. It’s the ideal drinking establishment for when you want some peace and quiet. Also, they serve sheesha, so make the most of your privacy!

The cost of a pint of beer is approximately INR 215 A round of cocktails for two costs about INR 700.

2. 4S

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In the guise of a Chinese restaurant, 4S is an all-day drinking establishment that has long served as Dilli walas’ go-to spot for affordable and reasonably priced weekly drinking sessions. You can blame the reasonable prices and extensive selection of Indian-Chinese comfort food, which makes it suitable for all occasions.

A pint of beer costs about 180 Indian rupees (INR). A round of cocktails for two costs about INR 600.

3. Sam’s Cafe

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Sam’s Cafe has a Goan shack-like feel to it. There is a laid-back atmosphere (read: chappals, pajamas, and feet up) and you can order almost any variation of anything you see on the menu. Most of the regular Pahar Ganj crowd, whose happy hours don’t always involve just alcohol, should be expected. Sam’s keeps things straightforward; there aren’t any creative cocktails or expensive shots at the restaurant.

Beer costs about INR 125–250 for a pint.

4. Cafe 27

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Cafe 27 is a restaurant with three different types of seating in the middle of the Kailash Colony market: high bar stools for when you’re really feeling it, indoor tables and outdoor seating with pebbled pathways and private tents. We advise just sticking to safe appetizers to go along with the alcohol because the food is so lacking in flavors.

Beer costs about INR 149 for a pint. A round of cocktails for two costs about INR 700.

5. Beer Café

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After a long day at work, the Beer Café should be your first choice for early evening drinks. The establishments feature a huge screen, every kind of beer, and even Indian appetizers. Never forget to order the enormous beer dispenser and do not skip the masala peanuts.

Price: A pint of beer costs about INR 145, and a round of cocktails for two people costs about INR 300.

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