Now Host the Reception for your wedding in Antarctica

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Would you like to celebrate your marriage by ziplining, seeing penguins, and cutting a cake outside in the snow? Adventure wedding..

How about a white wedding like this? You may throw your wedding celebration in the frigid, desolate plains of Antarctica, but only if you pay a high fee, according to one luxury travel company.

Red Savannah Travel is selling the package, which is titled “Celebrating a White Wedding in a White Desert.” It also differs greatly from the standard wedding reception, as you could anticipate.

Red Savannah’s guests may anticipate a tonne of action-packed polar activities after a flight from Cape Town to Wolf’s Fang runway in Antarctica. Along with a trip to the South Pole, the vacation includes activities like ziplining, ice cave exploring, and penguin spotting.

Visitors stay in futuristic “pod camps,” which include saunas and wine cellars from South Africa. Additionally, there are many traditional wedding elements included in the vacation, such as champagne upon arrival, a special breakfast, and a cake-cutting ceremony.

image source- pixabay

Naturally, all of this will cost you an incredible sum of money. This adventure wedding reception costs start at $250,000 (£215,000), which includes accommodations for up to 12 wedding guests. In other words, you’ll need to pick your guests extremely carefully.

We get what you’re thinking, though: isn’t this kind of behavior horrendously bad for the environment? And yes, you would probably be right. You not only travel through one of the planet’s most fragile environments, but you also take a luxury jet on a relatively quick flight. Red Savannah claims that it would donate $1,000 (£852) per participant to conservation and sustainability programmers, but it’s hard to imagine how these visits won’t have a major negative impact on Antarctica and the Earth as a whole. Sorry to ruin the fun.

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